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Clog Dog 
Technology Clears Sewer Lines Quickly and Efficiently

We Have a New Best Friend – Clog Dog
 Technology Clears Sewer Lines Quickly and Efficiently

When you have a stubborn clog in a sewer line or storm water drain, the Clog Dog may be the solution you need. Schleuter Plumbing uses the trenchless Clog Dog machine to clear major clogs without damaging your yard or landscaping in less time than traditional methods. Additional benefits to homeowners include lower costs, less time with a plumber in your home, and less drain cleaning equipment brought into your home. So, what is Clog Dog and how does it work?

What Is Clog Dog?

The Clog Dog machine is a rooter and drain clearing machine that features a high-speed motor, a cable up to 120 feet long, and a rotating blade known as a Flex Shaft. Given the adaptable design of the blade, the Flex Shaft can fit through openings as small as 1-1/2 inches to clear drains as wide as 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Our plumber simply accesses your drain’s clean-out port, inserts the cable, and lets the Clog Dog do the work. Most clogged lines can also be accessed via open drains or toilets. The only evidence of the Clog Dog machine that you’ll see entering your home is its shiny metal box and cable. Specially designed interchangeable blades are able to clear tree roots or grease-based clogs. Depending on the length of the drain pipe and its diameter, one of three Clog Dog machines (small, medium, or large) may be used. Each machine weighs less than 150 lbs., rolls on wheels, and requires only one trained plumber to operate.

How Does Clog Dog Work?

The key to the ingenuity of the Clog Dog is its patented self-adjusting blade. The blade cuts and shreds the clog into tiny pieces of debris, much like a wood chipper does. As the blade pulverizes the clog, a hose inside the cable sucks up the particles and carries them away where they are collected for disposal. Our plumbers are able to monitor the progress of the Clog Dog blade by watching its action via a camera contained in the cable. An additional feature of the Clog Dog is its ability to patch cracked or leaking pipes remotely. With the help of the cable’s embedded camera and using a fiberglass epoxy, Clog Dog is able to seal a leak without the need for digging or exposing pipes that are behind walls or underground.

Why Do We Use Clog Dog?

At Schleuter Plumbing, we care about your home and the quality of the service we provide. That’s why we choose to use modern technology like Clog Dog to do the job without spending time and expense digging up your pipes or bringing lots of equipment and workers into your home. Our team of experienced, professional, and knowledgeable plumbers offers full-service plumbing repair and sewer expertise for residential and business properties. Do you have a problem drain that keeps backing up? Make an appointment today online or call us today at 513-771-7588 for all your plumbing needs.

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