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Common Holiday Plumbing Situations

How to Prevent 4 Common Holiday Plumbing Situations

The table is set, the holiday decorations are placed perfectly around the house, and the food and bar are ready to go. Everything is running perfectly for your holiday party. All you need now are the guests.

Only, instead of a doorbell ringing, you hear a toilet running. You go into the bathroom and give the handle a jiggle. When that doesn’t work, you try flushing. At first, it looks like everything will be remedied. And then, the water doesn’t stop filling the bowl and all you can do is watch in horror as the water starts to overflow, seemingly never stopping. Then, of course, the doorbell rings.

There’s nothing like a well-planned situation gone wrong right at the most inopportune moment, especially when it’s a plumbing problem. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid the most common plumbing scenarios this holiday season.

How to Prevent 4 Common Holiday Plumbing Situations:

1. Leaky faucet. Sure, you can probably ignore a leaky faucet over the holidays but should you? While a drip here or there seems innocent enough, that little leak is actually wasting a ton of water. And, don’t forget the faucet is leaking for a reason, like corrosion or a faulty seal. So, the problem will indeed not go away if you ignore it, and only get worse the longer you wait to call a plumber.

By calling us at Schlueter Plumbing to fix that faucet ASAP, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll also gain peace of mind. Many manufacturers offer warranties on parts — but only if they are installed by professionals, like our Wolverine faucets that are backed by a 99-year manufacturer cartridge warranty. That’ll keep your holidays humming smoothly for quite a bit of time to come!

2. A running toilet. Not only is this issue annoying and something that can keep your guests from sleeping at night, but the reason for the leak isn’t always straightforward. So unless you want to tinker with the toilet and try to figure out if it’s the flapper, the flapper chain, the tank water level or a bad fill tube, why not just call in the experts? You can now text our main line instead of calling to set up an appointment.

3. No or low water pressure. It sure is cold outside, and your guests will certainly love to cozy up by the fire and stay a while. That is unless your pipes have frozen. Before causing up to $5,000 in damage to your plumbing, have a professional inspect your pipes for potential hazard areas (exposed pipes, cracks, and leaks, etc.). You can even text our main line for an appointment request before you plan on entertaining.

4. Clogged drain. Getting ready for your party can be a real drag when you are ankle-deep in water that won’t drain. Prevent this from happening by:

  • Making sure every drain has an appropriately sized strainer in it to catch hair, soap, etc. from clogging up your pipes.
  • If your tub or sink comes with a stopper or strainer that is attached, be sure to remove it and clean it a couple times a year.
  • Prevent your laundry tub from backing up by attaching a lint catcher (like pantyhose) to the end of the hose.
  • Run cold water when you use the disposal to help keep it clean of food particles.

If you find that you do have a clog, we recommend you avoid using harsh, over-the-counter drain unclogging products that use toxic chemicals, are bad on your pipes and bad for the environment. We trust BIO-CLEAN and can unclog your drain in time for happy hour.

Don’t let your holiday party become a washout. Call the professionals to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape! Call Schlueter Plumbing today at (513) 771-7588 for a free estimate and a 100% guarantee on all our services.

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