Dealing with a stubborn clog in your plumbing can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, mastering the art of using a plumbing snake can save you both time and money. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of using two common types of plumbing snakes – the cable auger and the closet auger. Whether you’re facing a clogged sink or a stubborn toilet, these expert tips will help you navigate the world of plumbing with confidence.


Using a Cable Auger:

Inserting the Snake
Begin by placing the coiled end of the cable auger into the drain. Slowly crank the handle to unfurl the snake, guiding it into the pipe as it extends.

Locating the Clog
Continue cranking until you feel the snake catch. This indicates that you’ve likely reached the clog. Rotate the snake to ensure it attaches to the blockage.

Breaking the Clog
Crank the handle to either break apart or pull up the obstruction. The coiled design of the cable auger is effective in navigating bends and corners within the pipes.

Reeling It In
Once the clog is cleared, reel the snake back up using the handle. This action helps to clean the snake and prepares it for future use.

Final Rinse
Flush hot water down the drain to wash away any remaining debris. If the drain is still sluggish, repeat the process until the clog is completely removed.


Using a Closet Auger:

Positioning the Auger
For a clogged toilet, align the end of the closet auger with the opening of the bowl. Ensure the tip is facing up to navigate the toilet trap effectively.

Lowering the Snake
Slowly crank the handle to lower the snake into the pipe. Continue cranking until the entire length of the snake is released.

Reeling It In
After releasing the snake, reel it back in while simultaneously pulling the shaft. This action is crucial for dislodging the clog from the toilet’s drain.

Testing the Toilet
Test the toilet to see if it flushes properly. If the issue persists, repeat the process a few more times to ensure the clog is fully loosened.

When to Call Schlueter:

While using a plumbing snake can resolve many clogs, there are instances where it may not be sufficient. Avoid the temptation to use chemical solutions like Drano, as they can cause more harm than good to your pipes. If you need assistance or have more questions about how to use a plumbing snake, please feel free to reach out to Schlueter Plumbing, The No-Nonsense Plumber, at 513-771-7588 or visit us at

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