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Take Care of Your Pipes This Winter

Take Care of Your Pipes This Winter With These Simple Tips

Winter is upon us again. The holidays and family fun of the season bring us excitement, but the cold weather can, unfortunately, lead to problems in your home. Don’t worry! Using the proper precautions you can ensure that you’re prepared for whatever this winter has in store. Follow our simple tips below to make sure your house is ready. That way, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of cheer without a care about your pipes this season.

Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Perhaps the most common plumbing issue of the season is frozen pipes. Make sure that you insulate any exposed pipes thoroughly before the cold weather hits. Consider opening cabinet doors under sinks to expose pipes to warm air. If pipes are exposed in your garage, consider placing a heat lamp near them overnight. Make sure not to leave heat lamps on when you leave the house.

Increase Water Heater Temperature

Increasing the heat output on your water heater will help to ensure your family gets hot water throughout the season. You’ll be glad to have the comfort of a hot shower on the cold winter days ahead. Just be careful not to surpass 125 degrees, as hotter temperatures aren’t recommended.

Cold Water Drip

Running cold water through a faucet serviced by exposed pipes can prevent the pipes from freezing. Whether it’s just a steady drip or slow stream left overnight, a small amount of non-frozen water will help prevent the pipes from getting cold enough to freeze.

Turn Off Your Water If You Go On A Trip

Are you going away for the holidays? Consider turning your water off before you leave to prevent bursting pipes and potential flooding. Make sure to leave the heat on, however, with a set temperature no lower than 55 degrees. That way you can come home to a warm AND dry house!

Apply Heat 

If a section of exposed pipe does become frozen, apply an electric heating pad or heat from an electric hair dryer. Avoid applying flame or high levels of heat directly to the pipe.

Following these simple tips will help ensure your home stays warm and safe this winter. Enjoy your holiday season, and don’t hesitate to contact Schlueter Plumbing for any of your pipe related needs.

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